Me Before You – Movie Review

Release Date: 23 May 2016 Director: Thea Sharrock (based on book by Jojo Moyes) (Spoilers Ahead) The movie starts with good premise, your typical bubbly, frantic and cute girl, running around, taking care of her family and working in a not-so-permanent job, since not much into the movie we see her getting fired.  A character... Continue Reading →


15 Park Avenue – Movie Review

Release Date: 6 January 2006 Director: Aparna Sen As I was flying back from Bangalore, I came across this intriguing story-line of a movie revolving around a schizophrenic girl starring Konkona Sen Sharma and Shabana Azmi, two actresses I adore. With more than three hours to kill I decided to watch this 2 hour movie.... Continue Reading →

Memories [Prose]

Not all memories are made up of the greatest moments you've had over the years, Sometimes it is those little moments which you never expected Sometimes it is one of those meaningless trial photographs which send you spiraling down the memory lane, not always are the moments that make the best memory of a place... Continue Reading →

Poetry about poetry

A reflection towards my recent encounters of sharing of people's artistic expressions. You say I don't understand poetry like you do, I haven't known even half of what you know when you haven't read even a single work of mine You put me down because my expression is different from yours and the language I... Continue Reading →

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 – Movie Review

Release Date: May 5, 2017 Director: James Gunn Starting off with an action sequence with good background music, the movie managed to immediately grasp the attention of Marvel fans and first time watchers alike. If you are expecting a new and different sort of story-line, the movie might disappoint you. It contains the same chemistry... Continue Reading →

The Official First Post/ Introduction

Dear friend o'mine, Yes. YOU. The person reading this. This post, though being published 3+ weeks later after the initial release of the blog, has a very important purpose; the official first blog post. It will serve as my promise to you, my friend, my blog reader. The promise to uphold and serve to the... Continue Reading →

The City

The transition from the rushed city life to discovering what she really enjoys. This poem follows the journey of her discovery. Every morning as she waked , the drums and bells of the temple, the azaan from the mosque, and the noise of the traffic, served as her morning music. The early morning hustle, Rushing,... Continue Reading →


I, along with many of my peers, having just finished school am in the 'transition phase' where we can do nothing but wait for the results of our work. Waiting is something nobody enjoys. This poem, (hopefully) portrays the feeling during that transition phase and helps reach out to others feeling the same. They call... Continue Reading →

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