As a current 12th grader, you must read this NOW.

Dear 10/12th Grader, As I write this to you, I know and fully understand the mounts of stress you're under, the gazillion worries in your head right now, the detailed, by the minute plans and routine you're probably following or procrastinating and adding to your worry list. So just walk with me through this letter,... Continue Reading →


Me Before You – Movie Review

She is frantically looking for another job, and just so typically (again) finds this well-paying job perfect for her resume and no matter how clumsy she is or how the interview ends up, she gets the job! (O la la, what a surprise!?)

15 Park Avenue – Movie Review

It was refreshing to see such a respectful representation of a mental illness and its treatment. ... At particular points the narration came to a staggering halt leading me twice during the movie to believe that it had ended.

Memories [Prose]

Sometimes the most comforting memory you have of a place is how you'd wait for your parents to come home, or how peaceful the street you lived on was or just the lazy afternoons you'd spend in your lounge watching TV or reading a good book, while your parents prepared a tasty meal for the family.

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