I, along with many of my peers, having just finished school am in the ‘transition phase’ where we can do nothing but wait for the results of our work. Waiting is something nobody enjoys. This poem, (hopefully) portrays the feeling during that transition phase and helps reach out to others feeling the same.

They call it the transition phase,
When you have to wait,
Just wait for life to unfold,
You cannot dream,
You cannot speculate,
For if you get too attached,
You might not be able to abate,
The intensity of your state.

It is a state of stillness,
But not darkness,
A state of perseverance,
One where you get to absorb it all,
A state where you cannot risk anymore,
But neither are you safe
You just have to wait.

You feel that nobody gets you,
Nobody ever will,
But it is at this moment of your wait,
That you need to hold on,
Have some faith and have some patience,
Because I promise you that
at the end,
It will definitely be
Worth The Wait.


4 thoughts on “Waiting

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  1. Naina Girl… I would suggest; have a prologue for anything you ‘create’ for that will be easy for the readers to comprehend the sentiments u intend to convey.
    and you know… after all

    Life is neither a tempest
    Nor a midsummer night’s dream
    It’s just a comedy of errors
    To be enjoyed as you like it…😍
    Keep writing…


    1. That is a really good idea, uncle. Thank you for the suggestion! I shall definitely do that.
      I shall keep writing and move “Wisely, and slow. (For) they stumble that run fast.” (😜)

      Thank you for acknowledging my Shakespeare references in the blog and website name. 🙂


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