The Official First Post/ Introduction

Dear friend o’mine,

Yes. YOU. The person reading this.
This post, though being published 3+ weeks later after the initial release of the blog, has a very important purpose; the official first blog post. It will serve as my promise to you, my friend, my blog reader. The promise to uphold and serve to the initial purpose of media and blogs. This blog post is my promise to you that this blog will never publish any such post which is hurtful, insensitive, ignorant or dismissive of any person, place or issue which affects us, the citizens of this world. This, I understand, sounds like the most absurd and hard to keep promise hence, I apologize. I now apologize for any thing that I write from now on if it does not adhere to the above mentioned criteria.

The Review Section:
This blog will not be posting any pointless, negative reviews of any book, movie or work of art. If any art is so ridiculous that it needs negative attention, it is either extremely important or isn’t worth that any attention be paid to it (work of trolls). Thus, I would like to apologize (again) for not publishing any requested reviews (of such artwork) in the near future.

Articles and Poetry:
I enjoy many forms of art and I will be using this blog as platform to share the creative endeavors of mine which (I feel) are good enough to be read or enjoyed by the public eye. (Prose and poetry written as a creative outlet will be categorized separately from the articles which matter.)

This blog shall never feature any listicles. Listicles are not articles (for me). Listicles are lists and not a combination of lists and article. They are mainly a way to gain followers and viewers by making them read interesting lists featuring other artists work. Combining various artists works into a single list does not require any creativity and feels like the equivalent of doing a given homework of school. (Remember when we were told to write our answers point-wise just to make it clearer to comprehend, and easier for the examiner to correct so we score more, listicles remind me of exactly that; with comments.)

I wish to for people to re-realize and understand the importance of good journalism and that people still exist who believe in the true and original pioneers of transparency in the world. (Citizen journalism is definitely not the most effective way to achieve that). Every job comes with certain responsibilities and in this case a great amount of power too.
I have been noticing the lack of a clear portrayal of facts regarding the latest news due to media shared on primarily on Social Media websites from unreliable sources or without any clear mentions of the sources. TO avoid any such issue here, I shall be adding a links to all sources of my articles if and when required.

So let this post serve as my promise to maintain this integrity until I achieve the ability to do this on a larger scale after completing my studies in journalism. Until then, do remember that I am still a student, still learning and am open to different perspectives. Do not expect to get an opinion on any topic as I shall be avoiding that as much as possible. One of my goals with this blog is to improve the transparency between the current systems and the people, but responsibly. So I shall do my best to lay down the facts straight and clear for you on all my articles henceforth. (At the same time, do know that I shall be posting articles on all possible genres.)

On this note I end this post while thanking you for reading this post which is nothing else but my declaration of quality and fact-checked content as the first priority of this blog; even if it means that blog posts won’t be coming in as frequently and I might not get as many readers or followers.

With that said, this post shall be the first and last of its kind. I really hope you enjoy reading.


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