Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 – Movie Review

Release Date: May 5, 2017
Director: James Gunn

Starting off with an action sequence with good background music, the movie managed to immediately grasp the attention of Marvel fans and first time watchers alike. If you are expecting a new and different sort of story-line, the movie might disappoint you. It contains the same chemistry between the characters as in the first volume but this time with issues to resolve. The acting is good as always and the animation better. The fact that it managed to deliver as a significant and non-repetitive sequel certainly adds to its praise.

At the same time, it did depend quite a lot on the background scores to get across emotions and help the audience connect to the characters. The plot, as expected, did revolve around the father of the galaxy’s favorite ‘star-lord’. The puns and bickering and jokes in between scenes were good and well placed for hearty laughter but did get in the way of making the audience realize the weight and value of our heroes’ actions.

If they were going for a far reaching big moral here, through the movie, they only half managed to do it. Because the explanation of “Ego’s” character was a little undermined and not as detailed as one would have liked, but, from their point of view, that would have definitely been dangerous territory. The main clear message they did manage to get through for kids is that we should value the people around us and family is not always related by blood. As a sequel is supposed to, it gave us some some closure regarding the characters and their quirks.

From the point of view of a Marvel movie fan (one who hasn’t read the comics) , I’d say that this was just the continuation of the first and nothing else. If you liked the first, you will like this too. The ending might sadden you (it was too early to kill off that character, especially after showing that side of him, why would you do that!!??) but it definitely doesn’t leave any questions unanswered. The actions of the characters are also very well justified all along.

As for the ratings,

Is it worth a trip? Yes.
Is it more than a one time watch? Maybe.
Does it leave you entertained and energized? Definitely yes. 
Friends or family? I’d lean on friends for this one though either would be good company.
Bechdel test? It definitely passes.
Reality check? It’s science fiction! 
Final stars: 3.8/5
(Would have given 0.2 more had it not depended on the background scores as much.)


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