Memories [Prose]

Not all memories are made up of the greatest moments you’ve had over the years,
Sometimes it is those little moments which you never expected
Sometimes it is one of those meaningless trial photographs which send you spiraling down the memory lane,
not always are the moments that make the best memory of a place

Sometimes the most comforting memory you have of a place is how you’d wait for your parents to come home, or how peaceful the street you lived on was or
just the lazy afternoons you’d spend in your lounge watching TV or reading a good book,
while your parents prepared a tasty meal for the family.

You think you’ll miss the fun and dancing of the parties,
or you’d miss the great picnics and trips you went on,
you think you’d the fun and frolics or the carefree days and the great laughs,
but you realize you don’t really miss all that,
what you actually miss is the comfort of knowing that you belong,
knowing that the people around you won’t judge you no matter what,
having the freedom to be yourself no matter what,
knowing that not each and every action of yours is being critiqued
or maybe just knowing how things work around that place,

You realize that it is not the special occasions that you miss,
it is the comfortable routine, the little moments where you’d just sit and talk about meaningless things, the sharing of lunches with people who understand you,
that is what you miss the most.

Maybe that’s why we find peace in the memories,
because we know, as soon as we’re back to the present,
we’ll lose all of that.


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