15 Park Avenue – Movie Review

Release Date: 6 January 2006
Director: Aparna Sen

15 park avenue

As I was flying back from Bangalore, I came across this intriguing story-line of a movie revolving around a schizophrenic girl starring Konkona Sen Sharma and Shabana Azmi, two actresses I adore. With more than three hours to kill I decided to watch this 2 hour movie.

The movie flowed beautifully from the beginning till the end giving us an empathetic insight into the life of a severely schizophrenic girl Meethi (Konkona Sen), and her elder sister Anu (Shabana Azmi). The first half let us into the current struggle of Meethi and her sister while the second half led us to understand the reasons behind the same.

It was refreshing to see such a respectful representation of a mental illness and its treatment. The way they portrayed the entire incident is impeccable, thanks to a good direction and brilliant acting by the cast. In my experience, I just had two points which went against the movie. At particular points the narration came to a staggering halt leading me twice during the movie to believe that it had ended. And when it did end, it did not provide the audience with enough closure.
But that said, it did by all means deserve the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English.

Is it worth a buy? Definitely.
Is it more than a one time watch? Nope, mainly due to its genre.
Does it leave you entertained and energized? Entertained- yes, Energized-nope. 
Friends or family? Either is good.
Bechdel test? It definitely passes.
Reality check? Yes!!!!
Final stars: 4.3/5


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