Me Before You – Movie Review

Release Date: 23 May 2016
Director: Thea Sharrock (based on book by Jojo Moyes)

(Spoilers Ahead)

The movie starts with good premise, your typical bubbly, frantic and cute girl, running around, taking care of her family and working in a not-so-permanent job, since not much into the movie we see her getting fired.  A character well defined, we get a look into 26 year old Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) personal life and consequences of losing her job.

She is frantically looking for another job, and just so typically (again) finds this well-paying job perfect for her resume and no matter how clumsy she is or how the interview ends up, she gets the job! (O la la, what a surprise!?) She is  now the caregiver of Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a former successful banker and once active young man who became paralyzed after being involved in a motorcycle accident two years earlier. Louisa has no experience of care giving but is hired by Will’s mother purely hoping that maybe her cheerful personality could help her son’s withered spirits.

As the story slowly progresses, we see the two leads go from barely talking to good friends and romantic lovers by the end. The romance is cute and expected. The relationship has its triumphs but the last 20 minutes or so end up exhausting you emotionally. The agony of being a person who loved and enjoyed life and adventure sports and was physically at their fittest but now being unable to move even your arm without help is well justified by Sam Claflin. Emilia Clark too gives an excellent performance throughout.

The direction is beautiful and manages to get you rooting for Will to choose life. The ending of the movie is heart-breaking and questionable. The character, though justified, commits assisted suicide in Switzerland with all his loved ones around him, presenting it as a cure for all his problems even though his entire family and loved ones oppose it.   Our female lead ends up becoming his muse in his pre-decided last days.  And again, the fact that our male lead chooses death in spite of having all possible support to help him live better is an outrageous idea (since by showing this you are portraying that the disabled people lead a life of much poor quality as compared to their able counterparts), but well, thankfully it is just a movie.

Is it worth a buy? If you’re into romantic movies.
Is it more than a one time watch? Only if you love watching cheesy romance.
Does it leave you entertained and energized? Entertained- yes, Energized-nope.
Friends or family? Either is good.
Bechdel test? It just passes, saved by one single scene.
Reality check? Your usual reminder to live your life to the fullest
Final stars: 3.3/5


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