Poetry about poetry

You put me down because my expression is different from yours and the language I use uncomfortable for you but let me tell you something about poetry that I do know for sure


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 – Movie Review

The puns and bickering and jokes in between scenes were good and well placed for hearty laughter but did get in the way of making the audience realize the weight and value of our heroes' actions.

The City

The early morning hustle, Rushing, to do everything on time, Tying her tie running downstairs And catching her breath while waiting for the bus, served as her morning coffee.


It is a state of stillness, But not darkness, A state of perseverance, One where you get to absorb it all,


Wanted to cry but laugh out loud at the same time Wanted to smile but sadness kept tugging at my feet Wanted to be angry but also console myself Wanted to run but also wished to finish my story

We Had Today

Enjoyed the happiness of victory And basked in the warm rays of the sun It was the best we ever did Yet never realizing the moments we lost...

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